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A Letter from Kurt Shaw, Certified Personal Property Appraiser, IFAA & AAM Member &

 President of Kurt Shaw & Co., Inc.

As an appraiser, I have been helping high net worth individuals, estates, institutions, and others for over two decades. I have unique and trusted expertise in fine art, antiques, furniture, and other valuable items. I am a certified appraiser with International Fine Art Appraisers (“IFAA”). Over the years, I have helped numerous high net worth individuals and their families with appraisals for insurance, estate, and divorce. The items I have appraised range from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

I have appraised numerous works of fine, decorative, contemporary and modern art from various eras, including from the 16th century to the present time. These works have included original paintings, prints, and sculpture, including without limitation American, European, Asian, African, Italian, and Russian art. Examples of unique items I have appraised include a Spanish vargueno, a Japanese samurai chest plate and sword, commissioned sculptures and murals and family heirloom furniture. Other examples include paintings and other works of art attributed to Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe, Warhol, and Chihuly.

Given my 16 years of experience as an art critic, I have written hundreds of articles on fine art and antiques. Additionally, I am educated and mentored in art history and the creation of fine art. My publication record is extensive and my own work has been published in “Esquire” magazine, National Enquirer, and Woman’s World, among others.

I have assisted high net worth individuals, institutions, prominent individuals and estates with portfolio assessment and evaluation regarding their art, antiques, and furniture. Typical engagements include estate planning, estate distribution, charitable donations, equitable distribution in the case of separation and divorce and evaluation of portfolio assets for insurance and trust purposes. I am a trusted advisor to recognizable institutions and prominent and high net worth individuals. Institutional clients include museums, art galleries, banks, law firms, foundations, and Fortune 500 companies.

Regardless of whether you are a wealth management advisor, financial planner, banking attorney, estates and trusts attorney, family law attorney, accountant, or high net worth individual, I am happy to discuss a possible engagement to help you or your client determine how to safeguard and maximize your portfolio’s assets.


Yours Truly,