On-Site Value Discovery Service

Don't know where to start? Have too many items and not sure what's worth having appraised or not? 

Downsizing, preparing to sell items, figuring out what's worth what, or which family member gets what...it can all be so confusing!

Valuable items such as art, antiques, furniture, and other items should be appraised if you are deciding whether to keep or sell items that you own. 

Kurt Shaw & Co. can appraise the value of any personal property, whether it will be kept or ultimately sold. We make a written inventory of your personal property and assess the approximate fair market value of the items.  

Here's what to expect:

• A qualified appraiser will be on-site in your home to appraise the personal property
• A written inventory of the personal property with the approximate fair market values listed
• A list of resources to consider if selling the personal property

Note: This service is not for insurance or estate purposes. For insurance purposes, please click here and for estate purposes, please click here.

 "I found Kurt to be a wealth of information, and capable of detecting value in obscure, seemingly worthless objects. 

 For instance he valued a Payne Stewart signature mounted on a 1999 Pinehurst No.2 US Open picture at $250 dollars.”  

 - Dan Dennehy, Shadyside, Pittsburgh - 


Please call 412-944-4159 to schedule an In-Home Consultation appointment.