Kurt Shaw & Co. Inc. can provide a brief, general identification of your item for informational purposes only (and not for insurance, authentication, or any other purposes whatsoever), based upon photos and other information that you provide to us, for a flat fee of $60. This is not an appraisal (no monetary value is assigned for the item) and it is for those who only wish to know what the item is and not how much it may be worth. Please note, too, that this does not include authentication of any item.*


To purchase, please click ‘Add to Cart’ above and then ‘Add a Note’ to briefly describe the one item you would like to have identified. Once you complete the purchase, we will contact you to obtain additional information and images in relation to the item.


After you provide all of the necessary information and photos (and assuming we have no further questions about the item), we will e-mail you the brief, general identification of the item, based upon the photos and other information you provided, usually within three (3) business days (except for Federal holidays and weekends).


*NOTE: This is not an appraisal, and no monetary value will be assigned to the item.  Additionally, not every item can be identified and accordingly if this identification service cannot be rendered, a refund will be duly issued in return.  Further, this brief, general identification service is only for informational purposes and not for the purpose of authentication, insurance, or any other purpose whatsoever.

Identification of Single Item