Kurt Shaw & Co. Inc. provides an easy and convenient means of obtaining a concise appraisal of a set of dinnerware, silverware, tea set or dining room suite at current Fair Market Value (FMV) via our Online Appraisal Service.

This FMV Appraisal is intended to give the current estimated value of your set up to the present week.

For most collectors, the price estimate and appraisal information provided with this service is all they need to know to understand the value of their dinnerware, silverware, tea set or dining room suite. The FMV Appraisal provided can aid you greatly in determining what you can sell, consign or trade the set for.

All you need do is click ‘Add To Cart’ above. Once you complete your purchase, we will contact you to request images of your item and additional info. It’s that simple. You will need at least one image of your piece (or set), however, so please be ready to e-mail that image. Additional images, such as a close-up of the signature or maker’s mark, and the back or underside of the object would also be helpful, so please feel free to include those as well.

We will process your order within 3 business days and a signed and sealed FMV Appraisal will be delivered to you within a week. Available to US residents only.

NOTE: Excludes appraisal for the purpose of insurance. Please see Certified Appraisal Reports on our Online Insurance Appraisal page.

"I want to thank you for your prompt service and reply - wonderfully professional."

- Kathy Cowan, Meadville, PA

FMV Online Appraisal of Set


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