Separation & Divorce Appraisals

If you are going through a separation or divorce, you should consider having your and your partner's personal property appraised.  This will help ensure that your property is appropriately divided.

Kurt Shaw & Co. can appraise the value of any personal property, whether it will be kept or ultimately sold.  We make a written inventory of your personal property and assess the approximate fair market value of the items.  This process will help alleviate any headaches you might have in keeping track of or assessing the value of anything you may own.​

Here's what to expect:

• A qualified appraiser will be on-site in your home to appraise the personal property
• A written inventory of the personal property with the approximate fair market values listed
• A list of resources to sell the personal property (if the property is to be sold)

If desired, for items of particularly high value or in otherwise exceptional cases, a formal written report may be provided detailing the appraised items.