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Charitable Donation Appraisals

If you have art, antiques, or other items of considerable value that you wish to donate for charity in the current tax year, you will need a certified appraiser to physically inspect your items and a written, USPAP-compliant charitable donation appraisal report along with a signed IRS Form 8283 for charitable donations.

The appraisal report for charitable donation purposes provides a fair market value of the items that you wish to donate. This report from Kurt Shaw & Company, Inc. will include a written inventory with descriptions and photographs of these items. This report will be signed by Kurt Shaw, President of Kurt Shaw & Company, Inc. and a certified International Fine Art Appraisers (IFAA) appraiser.

Here's what to expect:

On-site discovery phase: A visit to your home, business, or storage site with a physical inspection of the items by a certified appraiser

Off-site research and drafting: After the completion of the on-site discovery phase, the appraiser will research the items and draft the report.

Report production & IRS Form 8283: The written, USPAP-compliant fair market value report will be produced. This report will include an inventory, description, and photographs of the items. Additionally, IRS Form 8283 will be signed by the certified appraiser with the fair market value(s) listed.

For over 20 years, Kurt Shaw & Company, Inc. has provided appraisal services for major institutional clients and individuals that are in need of charitable donation appraisal services

International Fine Art Appraisers IFAA
American Alliance of Museums AAM
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Kurt Shaw & Company, Inc. works with institutional clients (e.g., museums, banks, law firms, healthcare organizations, and non-profits), estates, and individual private clients providing comprehensive personal property appraisal services.